Sunday, November 19, 2006


I was/am suppose to study all day for my comprehensive exam on December 18th.... obviously procrastinating. So the apartment is clean as it can be, dishes are done, clothes are washed and I went for a 1h15 long run! I did 7 miles, even though Garmin is telling me it's only 6.55 miles!! I hit the 10K (6.1m) at 1h05 which I thought was pretty good, ran 5 minute more and Garmin tells me I'm at 6.01 mile! WTF! Garmin cannot be broken because that will break my heart!!! I'm praying for a dislexy or hiccup moment... hopefully she'll be back on track next week!! I think that she's still under warranty anyway but I don't want to send her away!! ;-P

On another note, I will keep going to my spinning classes... last Thursday I was so sure I was going to quit, telling everybody that it would be my last spinning class and it turned out to be the best workout so far. I guess the prof sense I was going to quit and gave her 110%... or I'm just not a quitter... you make your own opinion!

Happy Running all!!! =)

p-s Marty I've been trying to get to your blog all week and the page is always blank... not sure what's up with that! I hope the marathon went well!!!!


Anonymous said...

My Garmin does that sometimes too. I also seem to always have more mileage on my Garmin than the race officials say that the course has on it. Hmmm, wonder what's up with that.
Good luck with getting over your procrastination issues. I've got that problem too often.

Marty said...


Thanx for the p-s. I got the blog back on track, well I hope I did. Not sure what was up with that :) Hope your garmin is back on track. At Tulsa, I ran into quite a few Garmin users, who were having the same problems! Keep up with the spinning classes, they are tough. But so are you. You finished a marathon, right : ) Marathon went well...


yumke said...

I'm sure the garmin will start working again. Mine goes a little weird once in a while, mostly when i'm running in the city with lots of buildings that obstruct the sky..

Arcaner said...

Procrastination is great for getting other things accomplished. I've done my best work when procrastinating. Go figure!

Running by.... said...

My Garmin does that too. It sure is frustrating. I'm glad it's accurate more often than not.

It's the procrastinating time of year! I feel your pain. Good luck with getting back on track.