Wednesday, November 15, 2006


A month ago, I was feeling on top of the world with the end of months of training and the finish of my first marathon! I can say now that this feeling is gone and that I've use the excuse of just having run a marathon to indulge with food and wine a little too much! I'm now 5 lbs heavier and in desperate need to get back into running seriously! That's why I picked a race, the Chilly Half-Marathon (Burlington, ON) in March. Amanda and my newfie will run this race too, company is always fun! Although the guru Hal says I could start my training the week of December 18th.... I will start now! I need some sort of schedule to follow, a structured training. I HATE, HATE with a capital H my spinning classes... looking at my watch every 5 mins so even though I paid 75$ for these (ggrrr) I'm not sure I will go anymore!! Ok, enough ramblings!

Happy running week everybody! =)


Anonymous said...

Bummer on the spinning dude --- I feel the same way about my Pilates classes... it happens - you never know if you'll like something until you try it right? :)

I'll tell you -- I haven't missed training AT ALL! I'm trying the group thing this time... but really, I think I'm going to drop the group soon enough.

Oh -- and I'm 5lbs up too :P We'll both be SO lean by the time the spring comes!

Papa Roger said...

Une bonne idée de^poursuivre ton ent^raînement

Sonia said...

Amanda: Pilates? That sounds soooooo boring! We're active ladies, we need activities that move a little more than that! lol

Don't worry, we'll lose this weight in no time :O)

Papa: oui, je continue mais avec 2 jours de course par semaine car avec le spinning mardi et jeudi ca devient trop demandant d'en faire plus! Bonne semaine!