Thursday, November 23, 2006


The sun is shinning, the temperature is mild (10 oC) we can't really ask for more at this time of year!! I went for a 6.5 mile run yesterday at 10:54 min/mile and it was just awesome! =) I ran 1 mile by myself before meeting my now weekly running buddy (aka My newfie) at the beginning of the trail for a 5 mile run. He has made some fantastic improvement in the small amount of time he started running.... (read little jealous!) He hadn't run in years and the first time we meet up for our run, he managed to run continously for 2.5 miles! And now he can run 5 miles without stopping! And I'm not slowing down from him, he can keep up with me no problem! He's already a speed racer, I'm sure his Y chromosome has something to do with it..... After our 5 miles, we separated and I ran an additional half mile... It was already dark when I finished at 5:30 PM!!! I had to walk the pooch.... in the dark, this is the only part of this that really sucks!! Here is a picture of my little Rocky, the first man in my life obviously... =)

Happy American Thanksgiving and happy runing!!


Marty said...

Awesome time and Awesome hound! Is he full size? I love the name! YO Rocky! My family has three dogs. Maximus, Glory and Wonder : )

Have a great weekend!


Sonia said...

Marty with 2 monsters and 3 dogs your household is quite busy!!! lol

Rocky is fully grown, 3 year old dominant male, although he cries like a baby when left alone outside a store... oh well he's the perfect example of a dog "man-child"!!

Happy running! =)

Flatman said...

What a great picture!!! Merry Christmas!