Thursday, April 02, 2009


I took Monday off and my legs weren't that sore, it was quite surprising =) Foot is feeling medium so I am going to take advantage of my job insurance (yippee!) and try a new physiotherapist for cold laser on my PF.

Tuesday: 1K lane swimming in 21 mins

Wednesday: 1h25 on the bike
30 mins easy
20 mins 30s out of saddle every 2 mins
20 mins 30s hard every 2 mins
10 mins 30s out of saddle every 2 mins
5 mins cool down

Thursday: 3 mile run, beautiful 15°C and sunny. I LOVE SPRING!!
Mile 1 @ 12:12 min/mile (with Dad until 0.62 mile)
Mile 2 @ 10:57 min/mile
Mile 3 @ 10:34 min/mile

Near 2.5 mile a little boy about 8 years old was trying (and succeeding) at out running me. He was doing 9:30 min/mile pace!!! I was getting quite annoyed.... I mean its one thing to outrun me but he was turning to see if I was still following and giving me a big smile while I was huffing and puffing.... great a kid can beat me LOL

On a positive note, my fall races are decided!!

I registered for this half yesterday, going to visit Laurel and Flyers26
And I'm waiting to register for this one since I'm hopeful I could fix the stupid foot and run the marathon on my birthday!!! Crossing the bridge plays a big role on my desire to run the full too... But if it's not meant to be than I'll be happy to run the half =)
I'm getting some minor surgery tomorrow so will have to take it easy over the week-end.
Happy running to those who can!


Melanie said...

the Niagara Full is one I'd love to do one day, just not gonna happen this year with San Fran the week before! :) Good luck tomorrow, recover well!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Yay for figuring out your race schedule.

I can't count the number of times a kid has passed me in a race. I get outrun by kids all the time!

Nikemom said...

Like your bike ride. I may have to steel that one from you. Have a great Friday! :D

Marci said...

I loved both of these races!! Exciting news!

Alexandra said...

Darn that kid! I don't like when they do that, but it does make me smile!

I hope tomorrow goes well! Good luck with that!

I like having things to aim for too! You will be flying in Philly!

TNTcoach Ken said...

You have to learn to knock those kids down and keep running, just give them a hip! Take care of that foot, so you can cross that bridge....

Marlene said...

Too funny that the little boy was racing you. :)

Philly!!! Awesome!

Niagara Falls looks like a great one, too!

Katie said...

Oh my, the neighborhood kids do the same thing to me. I swear I don't remember being able to run like that when I was little! Must be all that sugar :-)

Sounds like a fun race schedule for this year -- take it easy this weekend!

b said...

Glad to see the recover week is going very well Sonia! Congrat's also on the sign-up for the Philly half :-)

Trishie said...

Those races looks very cool ! I hear you on spring - yay spring !

Ted said...

Wow - I think the Niagara Falls Marathon sounds GREAT. Does this come with riding over the fall? Just kidding. You are going to love running the half marathon in Philadelphia. Its a TERRIFIC place.

Girl on Top said...

Kids frustrate me when they run. Those short little legs and running as fast if not faster than me...I'm definitely jealous! They actually look like they enjoy it. Dang.

wmd said...

I am running the full marathon in Philly this year... it will be my first!

It will be loads of fun... good luck!