Sunday, September 14, 2008


From my Dad:
Thank you everybody for all your kind supporting words, Sonia showed me the post she wrote about my first race. It was a wonderful experience, the rain did not bother me at all, actually, it helped keep the humidity down as it was very humid today.

The finish line in the Olympic stadium was an extraordinary experience. It gave me an adrenaline shot and I was able to finish the race with a sprint! My next race is in Miami on January 24th and it will allow me to continue training throughout the fall. In the end, I want to say a big thanks to my personal trainer who supported me during my training.

From Me: It was a great experience to pace my Dad for his first race. I was so PROUD of my protégé and how well he did. According to my garmin we came in at 38:27 and he was really happy to be done in less than 40 mins which was his goal. But there was not mat at the starting line so we only have a gun time (no chip time!) and we were near the back of the pack =(

So, his official time is 40:11... I was a little disappointed but the most important thing is that he's done it, feels great about it and he's really happy with his medal!! LOL

(Oh and one woman was hyperventilating near 1.5K and I asked her if she was ok and wanted help. She looked at me really rudely and gave me the finger!!! I couldn't freakin believe it, neither did the people around me.... seriously?!)

Here's some pictures from the race:

Before the race, I surprised him with the signs!!

My Dad smiling at the starting line. He didn't keep that rain coat very long, way too hot!

Us ready to race in the rain!

At the finish line with our medals =)


Trishie said...

Very cool! Congrats Dad on a great race!

Running~Jordan said...

Congrats Dad! :)

Boo to the finger flipper!

She Who Makes Waves said...

Holy, you look like your Dad! Way to go Dad! Way to go Sonia! I envy you that you have your Dad to run with!

Congratulations and keep up the great work, both of you!

Runner Leana said...

Congratulations to both of you! It sounds like you had a terrific experience together. Good luck training for Miami!

Running Knitter said...

Yay! Congrats to both of you!

Laurel said...

OMG, this is SO great! I LOVE that you guys are running together!! I'm so proud of your papa!!! I didn't know he is training for Miami too! I am so sad I wont be there to see you both :(

On another note, WTF is up with the chick giving you the finger? WOW!

Canuck Runner said...

Thumbs up to you and your Dad! Thumbs down to the rude runner!

Marcy said...

OMG HOW AWESOME!!! CONGRATS to you and Dad!! What a wonderful experience (minus the rude lady. Seriously, WTF was up with that?!?)Now when are you guys gonna run a marathon together? ;-)

BeachRunner said...

Bravo to your both! Well done.

cindy said... and your dad are too cute :) What an awesome experience with memories to last a lifetime.

Sonia said...

What a great experience it was to pace my Dad! I am so happy we could do this together =)

Marcy, I told him I'd love to run a marathon for his 60th B'day but he tells me he doesn,t want to go up that distance. So next target is 10K and my secret plan is to go up the latter and he won't notice ;-)

yumke said...

Congrats! that sounds like so much fun to run with your dad!

b said...

Great job Sonia being able to share this experience with your Dad during his first ever 5k running race...fantastic for both of you :-)

and your right about the lady you asked if she was ok and she gave you the "bird" people need to chill ot ;-)