Thursday, February 07, 2008


This is the speech I was giving one of my non-running friend today as she called me crazy for running in 4 inch of fresh snow. My friend Flashy and I decided to do our weekly "Fun-Run" on Wednesday and this was the day of , yet, another winter storm.... nice! We headed out at 7:30 PM, the snow was falling, it was so peaceful. The run, though, was less than peaceful! So freakin hard to run in 4 inch of snow! We managed 3.1 miles in 44:15 and when we stopped we both felt leg tiredness and butt stiffyness! lol We thought we were pretty hardcore as we didn't see any walkers and only one other c-r-a-z-y runner!!

We stopped in the middle to take some pics but it was pretty dark.

Me and Rocky with Detroit in the background

Flashy running towards the Ambassador Bridge!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Boy it’s a good thing I’m South of you! It is peaceful when you can do it in the sunlight. A couple of more inches and Rocky would really be struggling. You are hardcore!

Marcy said...

That actually looks really nice! Did you use anything (like YakTrax) or did you just go without? I'd probably bust my butt LOL

Sonia said...

Ken: Do you ever get snow like we get in your southern country? ;-)

You're totally right, Rocky was barely be taller than the snow! He's a real trooper for running with us!

Marcy: we went without the yak trax but she should have used them..... we like to say we went "natural" which makes it even more hardcore lol

Thanks for your comments guys!

Laurel said...


It is really beautiful though.