Saturday, February 09, 2008


I was reading Marcy's blog last night and saw that she participated in a "virtual race" organized by Nancy. Since I hadn't decided on a length for my LSD, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and go for 9 miles. I participated in my first ever virtual race! =)

It was hard! Most streets are not plowed here but it was slushy enough that the yak trax were not needed so I took them off at mile 2. With the fuel belt already underneath my coat and the yak trax in my pockets, I looked like a pregnant (or overweight) runner... nice! It was grey and raining, I wasn't in the best mood, but I'm glad its done! I would have bailed earlier if it wasn't for that "virtual race".

The facts
9 miles in 1h43 (11:32 min/mile average)

Mile 1 @ 11:35 min/mile
Mile 2 @ 11:50 min/mile
Mile 3 @ 11:46 min/mile
Mile 4 @ 11:33 min/mile
Mile 5 @ 11:41 min/mile
Mile 6 @ 11:23 min/mile
Mile 7 @ 11:43 min/mile
Mile 8 @ 11:19 min/mile
Mile 9 @ 10:56 min/mile (Very happy to be done....)

This is my first time using Google Earth to map one of my run (load from the Garmin) it looks pretty neat!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hey Sonia - I'm so glad you found us through Marci!! Thanks so much for participating and I love to hear that you this got you out there for more than you normally would have done. That is just awesome.

I will post a full race report in sometime on Monday. Hope you enjoy it!!


Marcy said...

GO SONIA!!!! That's awesome!! ;D ;D OK dumb question but I never really looked at the manual :P but how did you make that work with Garmin and Google maps?

Sonia said...

Thanks for stopping by Nancy! It was indeed a lot of fun =)

Marcy, on the top left of the menu in the garmin training you can choose "put your map in google earth". I'm not sure this is the actual wording cause I downloaded the French version! lol

yumke said...

I have to check out this google earth function. Is it in training center? I've never tried!