Sunday, October 28, 2007

NEW 2008 GOAL....

Flight -Booked
Hotel -Booked
Race -Registered

"Congratulations! You are now registered for the 2008 ING Miami Marathon"

I wanted to have a goal over the winter, I knew that without one I would get lazy... it's so hot and cosy inside! And I also wanted to make sure I would make time to train during my last few months of thesis writing. So, there we go, it's all booked and I got a cheap flight out of Detroit for 200$ I just need a dog-sitter and we're golden!!

What convinced me is that my parents will be in Miami that week-end prior to leaving for a cruise. So, I will have my cheerleading team with me again and I know that will make a whole lot difference!!! =)

See you in Florida Laurel!!


yumke said...

That's awesome. My girlfriend and I were eyeing that among other races in warm climes...

ING Miami Marathon said...


Congrats for registering and we wish you the best as you train for what we think will be one of the best races you run in your life.

We look forward to hosting you and your parents and see you in January!

The staff at the ING Miami Marathon!

Marcy said...

WHOOOO HOOOOOOOO Sounds good to me!! Nice little bask in the sun to get outta these frigid northern temps.

AWESOME race pics chica!! You look GREAT!! ;D ;D

Marky Mark said...

Excellent! I'm thinking about it (half) as well-half I assume or the full one?

Fran said...

Good luck with the training! I was thinking of doing a Florida marathon for my February marathon.

Sonia said...

Kenny, Mark and Fran: That's great, the more the merrier! We could even have a Canadian meet and greet there =)

You should choose Miami!

Laurel said...

Hahah, did the IMG Marathoners call you Laurel? Thats too funny! How did they find your blog?

This is so awesome! What hotel did you get? We definitely have to meet up while you're here!