Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am still feeling very tired and I now have a sore throat so the doctor asked me to do some more bloodwork to check the difference with last week's. I had no clue what to expect when I got there and they said the nurse wanted to "talk" to me... The surprise is that the mono came out positive this time =( I still haven't talked to my doctor about it but I was quite shock to see it positive after it was negative last week. I am trying not to freak out about this and to take things slow. But it is very hard at the moment to work less, I am going to a conference in San Francisco at the end of the month and I have to prepare my talk.... One day at a time, right?


Michelle said...

Oh no!! I was hoping you wouldn't have it!!

Like I said, I had it during my senior year of high school, and it just made me miserable. I missed a week of school, and basically felt just run down the remainder of the school year. Sometimes I still wonder if the after-affects are lingering, as I've heard others who had it say they are still fatigued a lot for no good reason (me included).

I hope I haven't scared you too much. I mean, my life has been normal since then, but there are times when I feel run down and don't know why. And blood tests now keep coming back as normal.

Hope you start feeling better soon!!!

Suzanne (ex-collègue de papa Roger) said...

Chère Sonia,

C'est dommage ce qui arrive,mais au moins maintenant, tu as un nom sur tes problèmes et tu pourras certainement t'en sortir.

Je suis très confiante que ta persévérance et combativité feront en sorte que tu en ressortiras grandie.

Lâche pas et surtout, n'oublie pas qu'il n'y a jamais de «bons moments» dans la vie pour avoir la mono.

Hang in there kid!

Je t'envoie des ondes positives!


TNTcoach Ken said...

You are so right, one day at a time! Take care of yourself and get well.

Marcy said...

Ohhhhhhhh no!! How long does that usually last? I remember hearing lots of kids getting it when I was in HS but I was never one. I hope it clears out/corrects itself soon enough, you poor thing!! Rest up and take care of yourself!

PAPA ROGER said...

Bonjour ma belle fille on s'en vient te soutenir et t'aider à passer au travers de cette méchante mono.

Ton papa et ta maman qui t'aime fort fort !

Fran said...

That's just not right. I'm raelly sorry to hear about the positive test. Take care of yourself and you'll get through it. Get well soon!

yumke said...

One day at a time indeed. Hope your recovery goes well. You are a tough one, so I've no doubt you'll be better soon.

jellypepper said...

Oh no! Take it easy Sonia, I hope the recovery goes swiftly. The road will wait for you.

laurel said...

Yikes! That is awful news! I'm so sorry!

Get plenty of rest and just take care of yourself!
Rest, rest, rest!