Saturday, July 29, 2006


I am still in Chicago and it is sticky hot, the fact that we have to wear pants and close-toe shoes is not helping! When I write "we" all the time it's the University of Windsor team of Scientists (Flashy, Patchy, myself Speedy and the Wise-guy)... We were at the beamline until 11 P.M. yesterday and I missed running so much that I started running around the 1.1 km beamline circle. Later on, I was telling our super beam scientist about my running and he nicely told me that running around the synchrotron ring is illegal.... oupsi!! I did feel bad, for like a second ;-) so we set a map overnight and went back to the hotel room. By the time I finally went to bed and close my eyes, it must have been close to midnight, which is really Waaaaaaaay pass my usual bed time!! I tried to wake up for 5:30 AM for an early run but I couldn't do it... I was still at the door for 6:30 AM =) I left the sleepy group to go for a planned 6 miles run but it was soooooooooo humid and hot (how do you chicago people do it.... seriously!!) so I settled for a slow 5.15 miles run at a pace of 11.28 min/miles.

Gotta go the beamline is calling my name!!!

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