Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So, people on the cycling lanes are not too friendly with runners here. I almost died due to a motorcyclist who was in the bicycling lane!! Seriously?! Then, two bicycles passed me so close that Rocky got afraid and almost attacked them to protect me.

One thing that really surprised me is that other runners are not saying the casual "hello, morning, etc."... I smile and say "Bonjour" and receive nothing in return! I guess I'm used to my old Windsor running crew who are all pretty friendly to strangers... did I become a small town girl after living for 5 years in Windsor?! ....pondering.... ;-)

On other more exciting news! My next 2 races:

1-10th on the 10th: Cave People Unite (virtual race organized by the lovely Nancy). I will actually have to do 5K on Saturday and 5K on Sunday since I'm limited to this for another full week....

2-Cabot Trail Relay Race in Cape Breton (Nova Scotia). This is a 24h race with 17 legs that I will do with my "internet friends"! I was suppose to do leg 14 that starts at 3:30 AM (!) but since it is the longest leg of the race and that my foot is not up to do 20K right now, I had to bail. A team member switched legs with me, so I am now running leg 7 which is 13K but it starts at 5 PM. I was really looking forward to the nightime run, something that I would never do on my own... that'll be for another year I guess!

Leg 7 is described as:

"A rolling leg but the first 8 km climbs steadily 90m
and then falls quickly to finish 0.2 km past the Dingwall garage"
This will be lots of fun and I can't wait to go =)

Congratulations to Yumke who PB'ed at the Pig marathon (+0.25 mile!) and Jelly who ran with her sister for her first half! Great week-end guys!


yumke said...


The relay sounds like so much fun!

And as for the runners, just keep on waving.. one is bound to return your salutation

Marcy said...

People are that unfriendly?!! Maybe you just caught them on a bad day? Dang, note to self *Never run in Quebec* LMAO JK!

I'll see you on the 10th! Whoot!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Maybe they don’t speak French in Quebec? I didn’t realize Rocky was part Pit Bull, ha….

Arcane said...

I've noticed it too. When I run out in the boonies, I'm always saying high to fellow runners and they always return the thought. when i go downtown to run, the first couple of times I trie dto do the same, but noone ever returns so I just don't do it anymore.

Sonia said...

Ken: in my neck of the woods english is like chinese lol

Pretty excited for the relay! After Saturday's 10K I feel ready to tackle the 13.1K of my leg!